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    November 2022

    Business portal: Introduction to the business portal for new users

    This webinar is aimed at people who have not used the business portal before. We will review the basic functions of the platform, like how you set up your account, make bookings and manage employees.

    Presenter: Amber Willemijn Bathoorn
    Date and time: 8th of November, 15:00 - 15:30 CET
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    Business portal: Tips and tricks

    This webinar is aimed at people who already use the Business portal and want to get to know the booking platform better.

    You will gain new knowledge about the different features, allowing you to optimise the booking process and speed up the procedure.

    Presenter: Amber Willemijn Bathoorn
    Date and time: 15th of November, 15:00 - 15:30 CET
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    Business portal: What's new?

    Stay updated with the latest features in our Business portal. This webinar will go through the latest developments and our roadmap so you know what to expect from the Business portal.

    Our product responsible, Amber Willemijn Bathoorn, will be leading the webinar.

    Presenter: Amber Willemijn Bathoorn
    Date and time: 24th of November, 15:00 - 15:30 CET
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    Adaptive learning - benefits and how it works

    In this white paper, we present adaptive learning, the technology, and explain why it is the future of e-learning.

    If you are unsure if adaptive learning is for you, its main benefits are:

    • It cuts training time in half
      • Provides higher proficiency
      • Provides higher retention due to intelligently spaced repetitions
      • Uncovers and fixes unconscious incompetence
    • Improves engagement and reduces frustration
    • Rich learning analytics
      • Supports instructor with data to focus efforts – ideal for blended
    • It helps guide learners’ learning.

    Download the white paper to read more

    Training management

    In our white paper about training management, we discuss how a digital system can overcome some of the most typical issues encountered when using excel sheets to manage the training.

    These most common issues include:

    • Lack of overview in the administration of course bookings and certifications
    • Lack of financial overview
    • Impossible to track operational compliance
    • No visible audit trail
    • Minimal engagement from staff through limited insights

    Download the white paper to read more

    Competence management

    Competence consists of three aspects: skills, knowledge, and experience, and it is vital to manage competence to ensure a safe working environment.

    In our white paper, we describe the benefits of digitalising the competence management process.

    In summary, these include:

    • Digital and real-time tracking for your employees’ competencies as set by your
      competence framework
    • End-to-end coverage of the assessment process, including comprehensive data/
      evidence storage and audit capabilities
    • Comprehensive digital assessment using a custom app on or offline
    • Highly configurable system which can fully align with your existing framework
    • Fulfils competence framework accreditation requirements 

    Download the white paper to read more

    Safety and crane lifts – benefits of using simulation-aided training

    KoneCranes Training Institute estimates the average cost of a major incident to be USD 200,000, and the average cost per fatality exceeds USD 4 million.

    In this white paper, you can learn more about how Simulation Aided Training (SAT) can benefit your company. Also, we will take a closer look at the process of lifting using cranes. We will also explore how personnel involved in lifting operations can increase their safety awareness and general skills working with cranes. 

    Download the white paper to read more

    Control of work

    A Control of Work system (CoW system) is the glue that holds work control procedures together, and in this white paper, we discuss the benefits of using digital control of work systems.

    The right CoW system can help with:

    • Reducing the risks caused by human error
    • Improving productivity through procedural and operational efficiencies
    • Creating an overview and providing the right information at the right time
    • Facilitating flexibility in the daily operation
    • Registering all activities for auditing purposes
    • Centralising data for analysis and creating valuable business insights

    Download the white paper to read more