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WINDA Instructions

On this page, we will provide you information on how WINDA works and how to use it

Welcome to WINDA

WINDA is Global Wind Organisation’s new online training records database. WINDA is
designed to be a simple, intuitive and safe way of accessing and verifying your GWO
WINDA is a powerful yet simple tool that helps you by keeping track of your training so
you can focus on your work.

So how does WINDA benefit you?
1. WINDA will remind you when your training is about to expire so you can make sure
you get refresher training in time.
2. In WINDA, employers can check the validity of your GWO training by looking up your
WINDA ID quickly and safely.
3. Training Providers’ will instead of issuing a certificate to you or your employer,
upload a training record to your WINDA profile that will go with you anywhere and
belongs to you.

What you must do
As Training Providers are required to upload a training record to your WINDA profile, you
must register with a Course Participant profile in WINDA.
You must only register for one (1) Course Participant profile in WINDA.
When you have completed your registration in WINDA, you will receive a WINDA ID.
This WINDA ID is unique to you. You must provide your WINDA ID to the Training
Provider so they can upload your training records. Employers can then look up and
verify your training using your WINDA ID.

How to create a Course Participant profile in WINDA
- Go to and click register.
- Choose to register as a Course Participant and fill out the required fields in the
registration form.
- Accept the Terms & Conditions and the Data policy and click on “Registration”.
- You will now receive an email with an activation link. Go to your email inbox, open the
email and click on the activation link.
- The activation link will send you to WINDA where you will be asked to choose a
password. Your password is personal and must consist of at least 8 digits.
- After you have chosen a password click on “Activate and login”.
- Your account is now active and you can have training records added to your profile and
search for other WINDA ID’s. You can see your own WINDA ID in the top right corner
when you are logged in to WINDA.