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FAQ Sheet – Quick Answers (UK)

Please see below for the most typical questions and answers

What is the price of an offshore survival course?
There are a number of cost options available when booking an offshore survival course at either of our centres in Aberdeen or Teesside. Offshore survival course costs will depend on which sectors you want to work in, please contact us for further details.

What do I need to work offshore in the UK sector?
You will require a relevant offshore survival, offshore medical, bi deltoid measurement, Fit to Train appointment, CA-EBS and MIST. If you are unsure of what is required in other offshore sectors around the globally please contact us for further details.

What should I expect to do on my offshore survival?
The thought of doing your offshore survival for the first time can be quite daunting, however our instructors make this experience as enjoyable and interactive as possible.

I have already done my BOSIET, what additional training will I need to work in other offshore sectors?
A list of all additional training requirements to work in the Norwegian, Danish and Dutch sectors can be obtained by contacting us on Tel: 08444 142 142.

Will I have to pay for my lunch and accommodation?
Lunch is included in the price of all of our full day courses. RelyOn Nutec provide 2- course lunches in well-equipped canteen facilities. Accommodation lists can be obtained by contacting us however booking and payment thereof is the responsibility of the individual.

I realise some of the courses are carried out in Peterhead, will I have to make my own way there?
No, you only have to make your way to RelyOn Nutec in Dyce. We will then transport you by mini bus to the site there, hopefully adding value by reducing the cost of transporting delegates from Aberdeen to Peterhead and back again. Alternatively, if the course is a one-day course, accommodation in Peterhead is also an option.

What will I need to take along with me on the course?
You will need to come along with 1 Government Issue form of photographic identification (passport, driving licence). For your offshore survival (BOSIET, HUET, FOET) you should take swimwear to wear underneath your survival suit. If you wish, you can also take along footwear, but we do have trainers here that you can use. We provide all necessary PPE for the courses we run.

My current certificate has just expired, will I have to resit the entire course again?
Occasionally dispensation can be given by an OIM, but this is extremely rare. It would be safe to assume that you will be required to retake the 3-day course again, if you have missed the 4 year renewal date.

Is it possible to fail the offshore survival course, or any others?
Yes, very rarely delegates do not meet the requirements to receive their certification at the end of a course. However, due to the nature and attitude of our instructors, we aim to guide you through the course and show competence, as opposed to making it a difficult challenge.

All courses include an assessment process, related to the course input and you will be required to demonstrate your understanding of what you have learned. It is fairly unlikely that you will fail.

Do I need to do a medical to complete the offshore survival course?
You will not be required to undertake a medical prior to attending the course, although we can include the medical during your course (extra fee applies) if required. You will be required to have a good level of fitness in order to stand the best chance of passing the courses. You will need a medical to work offshore however, we provide UK and Norwegian offshore medicals.

I did my last course at one of your competitors, can I now do my refresher with RelyOn Nutec this time?
Yes, there is no requirement for training to be completed at the same accredited centre as it was previously.

I am attending an OPITO approved refresher course before my expiry date, will the certificate be forward dated?
If attending within 3 months of your expiry date your certificate will be forward dated from your existing expiry date. If you attend more than 3 months in advance your expiry date your certificate will be dated from the day of the course.

Can I do parts of my BOSIET online?
Unfortunately, we do not provide any of the modules for our courses online. As our courses are a blend of theoretical and practical delivery along with assessment, we feel this hands-on, face to face approach adds more value.

Will my course finish early?
Although some courses may finish ahead of schedule we do not recommend booking any travel prior to the end time of the course.

I may need to cancel my course, will I still have to pay for it?
Providing that the course is cancelled 5 or more working days prior to its start date, you will have the option to reschedule within three months at no extra charge. Otherwise cancellation fees will apply.

Can I pay in instalments?
Full payment should be made upon course booking. We will securely take card details when taking your booking.

I've just done my offshore survival and MIST course, how can I get a job offshore?
Companies in the offshore industry are always on the lookout for proactive, hard- working, well trained and talented individuals. There is, however, no guarantee that you will be able to walk into a position immediately having completed your offshore survival and MIST courses. We recommend that you contact recruitment agencies, contracting companies in the Oil & Gas arena and that you keep your eyes and ears open. It is not always what you know but who you know. Do you have any links, family or friends currently in the industry who could give you pointers?

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us on; T: 08444 142 142 or E:

Date Ref : AG April 2019