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DGUV Courses | German Social Accident Insurance


The DGUV offers a comprehensive range of training and further education in the areas of occupational safety and health. Entrepreneurs can train themselves and offer their employees training and further education individually according to their needs.

The German Social Accident Insurance, abbreviated DGUV, is the umbrella organisation of the professional associations and the accident insurance. It looks after the common interests of its members and promotes their tasks for the benefit of insured persons and companies. The association represents the interests of the statutory accident insurance institutions vis-à-vis national and international institutions, politics, and social partners.

The DGUV offers first-aid training or safety courses for working at heights. First-aid courses can be found specifically tailored to your industry, from offshore to fire to the wind industry.

The following DGUV courses are offered in our training centre at Bremerhaven (Germany) or on demand:

- First Aid DGUV

- Brandschutzhelfer DGUV 205-023

- First Aider Offshore (DGUV)

- First Aider Offshore (DGUV) Refresher incl. GWO First Aid Refresher

- GWO First Aid + DGUV Erste Hilfe

- GWO First Aid Refresher + DGUV Erste Hilfe

- GWO Working at Heights

- GWO Working at Heights Refresher


- DGUV PSAgA Fortbildung

- Combined Kurs GWO Enhanced First Aid + DGUV Ersthelfer Windenergie

- DGUV Ersthelfer Windenergie Fortbildung

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