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RelyOn Nutec OPITO Policy

On this page, you will be able to read about RelyOn Nutec's OPITO Policy


OPITO Policy




To demonstrate senior management commitment to implementation and maintenance of OPITO approval.


Policy Outline


Management and staff of RelyOn Nutec will undertake, implement, maintain and verify compliance to the following criteria at all times:
• Promote OPITO standards in all areas of business activities.
• Ensure Quality of OPITO standards for approval is maintained via our quality system.
• Maintain accurate records of assessment for all OPITO delegates.
• Ensure staff awareness of OPITO activities and developments.
• Promote the role of OPITO within the Oil and Gas industry to all Delegates attending OPITO approved training courses.
• Maintain adequate resources for the delivery of OPITO approved training courses.
• Provide the highest level of customer care to all Delegates attending our training courses.

This policy is authorised by the CEO of RelyOn Nutec, it is managed electronically (QMS) and made accessible to all employees of the company.

Torben Harring
CEO – RelyOn Nutec
June 2023

Standard Requirements