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Check certificate validity

How do I know if my certificate is valid?

In order for you to check the validity of your certificate, we implemented a certificate validation tool in our business portal. To find the page, use the navigation bar on the left and click on “certificate validation” right under “reports”. Here, you find the certificate validation tool.

Simply enter your certificate number and your surname, and confirm by clicking on “check certificate”. If your certificate is valid, it will then be displayed on the page. In case you enter an invalid certificate number, our business portal will let you know that no valid certificate could be found. If that happens, check if you entered the correct number and if the surname is spelt correctly. This will most likely be the first reason why our system does not find the right certificate.

Otherwise, the certificate you are checking could may have expired already. Make sure to think about that as well. If you believe that there might be a mistake or your certificate is missing, feel free to contact us.