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What does the job entail?
As a trainee you are at the beginning of your (instructor) career, but you still have a lot to learn before you can start working independently as an instructor. The big advantage is that your workplace is the best learning experience you can imagine; today you will help your fellow instructor prepare for industrial fire training and make sure the training goes smoothly. Tomorrow you will guarantee safety during indoor fire training of a safety region and at the end of the training you will make sure the training object is ready for the training the next day. Saturday will be a busy day with various indoor fire training sessions, so on Friday you and your colleagues will make sure that all the wood carts are filled. In short, you are the spider in the web and make sure the training runs smoothly and safely. Besides your daily work, we will train and coach you to become an expert instructor, who knows everything about the diversity of fire.

Who are you?
You like to work hard because, as you've read, it's 'pretty tough' on busy days.You are athletic and medically fit to wear breathing air (we will test the latter during your first working week).You are customer-oriented, flexible, a go-getter and have a great sense of responsibility. Because our clients also train outside office hours and weekends, you are willing to work evenings or Saturdays during busy periods. If you hold a Manhood A or Company Firefighter Manhood diploma then that is a plus, but not necessary as long as the above profile appeals to you.


What we offer.

A salary of €2,500.00-€3,000.00 (40 hours per week), but should you want a little more work-life balance, less hours per week is also negotiable.   

Furthermore, we will support you to become a good instructor .We will do this with a permanent coach and the appropriate training courses as Manpower, Industrial Commander and Instructor. All paid for by us, your new employer!  

Of course we provide a social and fun working environment with regular BBQs, end of month drinks and fun staff outings.  


Are you interested?

So would you like to light high fires, make explosions daily and are you not afraid of a little adventure? Then send us your CV to: Do you still have questions about the position? Call or Whatsapp with Rosanne Eland tel. nr. 06-51766851. 


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