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Data Ethics Policy

RelyOn Nutec's Data Ethics Policy: Promoting Ethical, Transparent Data Processing.


This policy describes how data ethics is considered and included in the use of data, and how data is to be processed in an ethical, responsible and transparent manner within RelyOn Nutec Holding A/S and subsidiaries (“RelyOn Nutec”). This policy applies to all employees, including internal consultants and directors at RelyOn Nutec, and agents working on behalf of RelyOn Nutec.

Principles for data ethics

When the company processes personal data or purchases or implements technologies, for the processing of personal data, the principles for data ethics described below must be assessed and included in the considerations, during the processing activity.

  • Legality

The processing of personal data shall, at all times, comply with applicable legislation, and correspond with the Personal Data Protection Policy in RelyOn Nutec.

  • Necessity

Only personal data which is necessary to fulfil the purpose of the processing activity shall be collected and processed.

  • Expectations

Personal data shall be processed in ways that are consistent with the intentions, expectations and understanding of the disclosing party. Thus, personal data may not be processed for new purposes which are incompatible with the purposes for which the personal data was originally collected.

  • Security

A sufficient level of security shall be implemented in and around technologies used for processing of personal data. The security measures shall include technical as well as organizational measures, and the sufficient level of security shall be assessed based on a risk assessment.

  • Transparency

Personal data shall always be processed in a way which ensures transparency.

  • Proportionality

Personal data shall be processed only for purposes which are proportional taking into account the rights of the individuals, including the right of privacy.

  • Accountability

The company shall be able to demonstrate that this policy is complied with.

  • Respect for human rights

Processing of Personal Data shall ensure that human rights are respected, and may not be biased with a risk of discrimination, marginalization or stigmatization against individuals.

  • Accessibility

The company ensures that this policy is available to employees, e.g. on the intranet, with the purpose of ensuring the employees’ access to the applicable principles for data ethics for the company.

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