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Covid-19 safety measurements in the Netherlands and Belgium

Read about the safety measured we have implemented to secure your safety when training with us

We re-open our training facilities in the Netherlands on Tuesday the 28th of April and expect to re-open in Belgium on Monday the 4th of May. In order to safely resume our activities we have taken extra safety measures.

  • Each delegate will receive all required PPE’s. We provide gloves, masks and glasses upon arrival. An additional fee of € 7,00 (excl. VAT) per person per course day will be charged and is mandatory for all delegates.
  • The 1.5m social distancing needs to be maintained in all areas.
  • The delegates will be asked to disinfect their hands frequently and therefore disinfect stations will be present throughout the building and classrooms.
  • In order to prevent contact with more people than necessary, people will be guided to their classroom where we will keep a 1.5m social distance. All courses in the classrooms are limited to a maximum of 8 delegates. All planned training courses will be kept separate from each other.
  • We will highly focus on hygiene and a clean infrastructure, as well as disinfecting provided course materials and required safety suits. Our practical exercises are adjusted to the situation where we can guarantee safety for our delegates, as well as for our trainers.
  • In order to restart our activities, we kindly ask the delegates to be present at 7:00 AM (Amsterdam) or 8:00 AM (Ostend and Rotterdam) so we can execute all taken safety precautions in a stress free environment and we all can focus on the right use of PPE’s and each and everyone’s safety.
  • In order to provide training courses, we pay attention that all staff, trainers and delegates take these safety measurements seriously and therefore everybody needs to take his or her responsibility.
  • All people who show any signs of possible COVID-19 infection will immediately be sent home and their training will be rescheduled.
  • For all questions concerning the validity of the certificates, please consult following link:

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.