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Drilling and well control

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  • About drilling and well control

    End-to-end drilling and well control capabilities

    We offer world-leading well control training, advanced simulation technology, and decades of experience with the full integration of Aberdeen Drilling Schools services into the global RelyOn Nutec Network.

    The foundations of well control training are prevention, detection, and management of well control incidents. The ultimate objective is avoiding uncontrolled release of hydrocarbons which may endanger people, the environment, public/private assets and your company's reputation.

    Certified well control courses are a key component of our drilling and well control training catalogue, ensuring that drilling and well service professionals receive crucial role-specific training in how to anticipate, avoid, and safely respond to unscheduled pressure control events during drilling and well intervention operations.

    On this foundation, we have built a strong reputation for quality specialist and bespoke training and consultancy services relating to challenges in the well. 

  • How we can help

    Training, consultancy and state-of-the art simulation

    Over the years, our in-house technical team of industry experts has developed engaging and world-leading technical training solutions which are constantly reviewed and adapted to today’s needs. 

    Broad and top-quality course catalogue
    Not only do our training courses meet the standards required for international (IWCF and IADC) certification, they also aim to empower the participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence required to keep themselves, their colleagues, our environment and the assets safe from harm.

    Our portfolio of well control courses provides essential, internationally recognised, and biennial training for a range of individuals and environments, from the early-career drill crew member to the senior well engineer for operations on land or offshore.

    Role-specific training
    In addition to the role-specific well control courses delivered worldwide on a weekly basis, we are continuously expanding our portfolio and adapting our bespoke training offerings to meet the industry’s ever-changing demands. For example, we can tailor our advanced well control course to meet your specific training objectives, or create a digital twin of your well on our simulators to give you well- or rig-specific training. We are also one of the first training providers to offer the IWCF Enhanced Well Control and the IWCF Subsea Well Intervention courses.

    Specialist drilling training
    Specialist drilling training - such as our High- Pressure/High-Temperature (HPHT), Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD), and Deepwater Drilling courses - has supported our clients operating in challenging environments for over 30 years. We also provide well engineering training, technical authoring of manuals, policies and procedures, on-the-rig coaching, and independent advice & arbitration consultancies.

    Experienced industry professionals as trainers with the best equipment
    Delivered by highly knowledgeable and experienced industry professionals, many of our specialist courses are further enhanced with the use of cutting-edge drilling simulation technology. With the acquisition of Oiltec Solutions in 2019, we offer unparalleled dynamic simulator-based training for drilling and crane operations.

    By utilising our own full-size rig-floor simulators, we can fully immerse drilling teams into the conditions they would experience on their own drilling operations. The systems can be used for system familiarisation, drilling practices, drilling optimisation or we can employ incident scenarios to test processes, procedures or team communication.

    Your well can be twinned and drilled virtually from the safety of one of our simulator rooms, ensuring that the enhanced knowledge and skills gained from the practical training are relevant to your upcoming operations and can be applied to real-life scenarios.

    Read more about our drilling simulators

    A global delivery network
    Our primary training facility in Aberdeen (UK) is home to multiple full-size rig-floor simulators. It serves as a base camp for our senior technical experts, graphics and media developers, and professional customer service team.

    Our network of IWCF and IADC accredited drilling and well control training facilities span the globe, delivering the same high standard of training and competency services to our global clients. However, specialist and bespoke training is not restricted to our permanent locations. Our instructors and our portable drilling simulators have travelled the world and delivered coaching and training in over 50 countries and on countless offshore installations.

    Online learning and virtual classrooms
    Remote learning options are in high demand, and we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of teaching, whether it is in-person or via our immersive Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) offering.

    Our unique virtual classroom is a digital platform which facilitates instructor-led teaching with live presentations, interactive breakout sessions on virtual whiteboards, virtual team activities, and online assessments and quizzes. All accessed from the safety and comfort of your own workspace.

    IWCF and IADC certified introductory well control training is also available as e-learning with technical content developed by drilling experts. The user-friendly online course is designed and facilitated by e-learning experts, ensuring that you benefit from an e-learning experience that is best in class.

    We are fully accredited to deliver IWCF and IADC training via our virtual classrooms with online assessments available on completion of the required learning hours.

    We can also provide specific and bespoke virtual courses to meet your needs. Stuck Pipe Prevention, High- Pressure/High-Temperature (HPHT), Plug and Abandonment, introduction to drilling and more, are all readily available.