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Crisis mgmt and emergency response

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  • Crisis mgmt and emergency response

    Prepared and able to respond effectively

    Our crisis management consultancy teams have decades of experience helping organisations reduce the risk of accidents turning into emergencies, and improving their ability to effectively manage crisis situations if they develop.

    As organisations from high-risk industries move into increasingly dangerous and hostile operating environments, their need for strategic, tactical and operational support for major emergency planning has risen.

    Combining consultancy and training, we give our customers the confidence that if a crisis should occur, they will be prepared and able to respond effectively.

    With major emergencies posing a significant risk to personnel, environment, asset/property, business reputation and the public, the consequences to organisations who are not adequately prepared cannot be understated.

  • Crisis response

    What to do when the crisis happen

    When an accident or incident turns into a crisis event, specialists and highly trained teams should be prepared to mobilise swiftly to bring the situation under control and to mitigate damage.

    Training 1st line responders, for example firefighters and first aiders, is just the first step in effective crisis management. Organisations should ask themselves:

    • Is the leadership team prepared to step up in the event of an emergency?
    • Does the offshore installation manager (OIM) or captain fully understand their priorities and the implications their actions could have?
    • Is there sufficient support from an onshore emergency response team to mobilise rescue vehicles, have medical teams standing by, liaise with external agencies, such as the police, the coastguard or interest groups etc?
    • How will the relatives of impacted personnel be informed of the incident?
    • What information does the media need to know?
    • How will business continuity be assured and who are the decision-makers at a time of crisis?

    Organisations must have teams in place who know the answers to these questions and more, and who are prepared to mobilise immediately to mitigate the impact a crisis has on people, the environment, assets and the reputation of the company.

  • How we can help

    Implementing a fit-for-purpose plan

    Our crisis management team works with you to review, update and implement emergency response arrangements which will ensure that you are adequately prepared to respond to any situation by:

    • Reviewing operational and organisational risks to identify gaps
    • Assessing resources, expertise, facilities and equipment
    • Assessing employees' skills, competences, and accountability
    • Reviewing existing procedures and updating as appropriate based on current best standards
    • Reviewing emergency response teams and facilities and developing plans to bridge potential gaps
    • Developing emergency response arrangements
    • Training all 1st line roles according to best practice
    • Delivering tailor-made training according to client-specific requirements
    • Delivering training according to specific emergency response plans
    • Designing and delivering role-specific team training
    • Designing real-life scenarios, simulated training and computer-aided training
    • Verifying competence via live testing, both operationally and organisationally

    The implementation of a fit-for-purpose crisis management plan will not only reduce the risks of liability claims, damage to property and more, it will also protect or even enhance a company’s reputation. But most importantly, effectively delivered crisis management and emergency response arrangements will ultimately protect every organisation’s most precious resource, the lives of its people.