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Competence management

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  • The benefits of competence management

    Reduce incidents, improve business performance and build trust with potential customers

    A robust competence system will deliver real value to you by not only satisfying the expectations of clients and regulators, but also by providing a platform for continuous improvement. In addition, a quality competence management system will reduce incidents, improve business performance and build trust with potential customers.

    What can we do?

    • Review existing competence frameworks on behalf of both clients and industry regulators
    • Develop bespoke, fit-for-purpose and cost-effective competence solutions
    • Train competence assessors and internal verifiers to OPITO and SQA standards
    • Support customers in accrediting their Competence Management System (CMS) through IADC or OPITO 
    • Deliver ongoing competence management services utilising our market-leading software solution
  • Flexible competence solutions

    The tailored approach

    With a unique perspective on the successful implementation of a sustainable and quality solution, we offer a model that allows for a tailored approach.

    This enabling our clients to access relevant aspects of competence system development appropriate to their current and future business needs, or to make use of specialist support as required to enhance existing competence frameworks, competence profiles, procedures, assessment, and verification strategies.

  • Competence management software

    Built by experts to experts

    We can provide specialist advice on your existing electronic competence management tools or alternatively provide access to our own bespoke applications which are unique to the market and designed by industry experts.

  • Consultancy or managed service

    Support vs outsourcing

    Our competence team can be utilised on an adhoc basis to review, develop and implement competence management systems which address every aspect of assuring workforce competence, including the creation of job role profiles, mapping of clear progression paths and integration with existing HR systems.

    Our team can facilitate training for competence assessors and internal verifiers, effectively embedding the skills required to maintain competence systems within an organisation. Our main objective is to leave the organisation with a competence system which is fully compliant with industry best practices, and meets both regulatory and client requirements.

    Alternatively, as part of our managed services provision, our competence team can handle the management of our clients' workforce competence schemes, ensuring they remain fully compliant with regulatory requirements, by providing complete transparency of competence levels across the organisation, ultimately providing greater efficiency in resource planning and  reduction in training spend.