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Advanced firefighting

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  • About advanced firefighting

    Fighting even the most complicated fires

    Fighting fires effectively requires the best possible training and experience to ensure that all relevant risks are identified, precautions taken and the most appropriate actions applied to prevent spread and extinguish a fire.

    Wherever the location of the emergency, domestic, industrial, transport, at height, onboard at sea or offshore, the response should always be the same: stop the spread and extinguish the fire. Save lives, protect the environment, and mitigate the damage done to assets.

    A highly professional and technical profession, firefighting requires a high quality of regular and realistic training and simulation to ensure that all involved are competent to carry out their tasks safely and in a controlled manner. Considerable knowledge and understanding of a range of topics are essential, including but not limited to:

    • Equipment
    • Tactics
    • Leadership
    • Procedures
    • Safety risks
    • Communication

    Training can be delivered digitally, on site or at one of our advanced fire training facilities which have simulators constructed to realistically mimic a variety of large and complex fire scenarios.

  • How we can help

    World class fire fighting capabilities and expertise

    We have real-life experience in the coordination of response to fire emergencies; and our teams have first- hand firefighting experience from careers as professional firefighters. As well as training firefighters and teams in the basics through to advanced and complex firefighting techniques, we also support customers with design and development of programmes and scenarios to suit their risk profile. With a wide range of capabilities, our training is certified according to international standards bodies, including Joiff, GWO, STCW and OPITO. With market-leading custom-built simulation facilities, we are the ideal partner for customers' designing, developing or building capabilities. With experience, tools and scenarios founded in years of relevant experience, we serve all high-risk industries with relevant and up-to-date solutions.

    RelyOn Nutec Fire Academy
    RelyOn Nutec Fire Academy offers consultancy, education and training for all levels of the emergency management organisation in both industrial environments and public services.

    Read more about RelyOn Nutec Fire Academy

    Bespoke training
    As well as delivering training to internationally recognised standards, we can also produce bespoke firefighting courses for industries with special requirements. These courses can focus on the unique environments in which they operate, for example, high- pressure gas, confined spaces, flammable liquids, fixed extinguish installations, and other types of extinguish equipment and methods.

    Our fire facilities have the capability to simulate our clients' facilities and equipment, allowing us to deliver realistic training in a familiar environment, leading to a more competent workforce that is better equipped to respond effectively to an emergency situation.

    We are continuously expanding our portfolio and adapting our bespoke offerings to meet the ever-changing demands of the industries, while always guaranteeing the same high-quality firefighting training in a safe environment delivered by highly skilled instructors.