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Safety leadership - In safety critical industries, leadership is essential to avoid incidents

  • Safety leadership

    In safety critical industries, leadership is essential. The safety of all employees can be improved significantly through safety-orientated leadership, trust, and effective collaboration within the team.

    RelyOn Nutec has formed a strategic partnership with CAVU International to provide safety leadership, performance coaching and continuous performance improvement (CPI) services for companies in safety critical industries.

    CAVU works worldwide across various safety critical industries such as oil and gas, energy, law enforcement, maritime shipping, healthcare and manufacturing. They deliver the coaching and mentoring necessary to improve team behaviours and organisational culture both onsite and virtually.

    Their main offerings are:

    • Mentorship and coaching
    • Frontline supervisor coaching
    • Safety leader training
    • Leadership seminars
    • Operational excellence keynotes

    CAVU works with senior management to improve strategic communications related to corporate culture and to help them align their message with their actions, meanwhile working onsite with crews to reinforce team communication, risk mitigation and decision-making.

    The focus lies on three key areas: leadership fundamentals, continuous improvement and optimised team behaviours. Their continuous performance improvement methodology will help your team adapt and adjust to outpace the market and your competitors.

    CAVU coaches are proven leaders with decades of experience leading people in nearly every kind of challenging environment. Their coaches are masters at relating to and working alongside your crew to share the fundamental tenets of effective management and solid leadership.

  • What we do

    CAVU training gives teams the tools you need to take charge of your projects, removing luck and chance from the equation.

    Focusing on leadership fundamentals that drive optimum team behaviours centred around the continuous improvement process can help you eliminate safety issues and improve morale.

    With the use of Crew Resource Management (CRM), they support you in reaching the next level of operational safety and efficiency through adopting the critical soft skills of CRM:

    • Situational awareness
    • Decision-making
    • Communication
    • Teamwork
    • Leadership
    • Performance shaping factors

    The best way to eliminate incidents and ensure a safe work environment is by integrating reviews and debriefs in normal operations, not only after incidents happen. This proactive approach provides all workers with important information so that accidents can be avoided.

    Proactive, continuous improvement requires integrating regularly scheduled reviews into your company’s standard workflow. This can help identify opportunities for efficiency improvements and prospects for reducing waste and Non-Productive Time (NPT).

  • Leadership PRO Online Course

    An online course that helps you become a better leader and equips you with crucial skills to improve teamwork and organizational culture.

    The best way to improve teamwork and morale is by setting a good example and leading the right way.

    This can be challenging, especially in safety critical work environments where new situations constantly arise, and pressure is always high.

    Leadership PRO Online Course is a library of relevant and engaging videos that you can refer to any real-world situation, accessible from your phone, tablet or laptop. The course is your ticket to accessing the tips and techniques used by TopGun Commanding Officers, Aircraft Carrier Commanders, Strike Fighter Wing Commanders, The Blue Angels, Force Master Chiefs and Fleet Master Chiefs.

    The course delivers the fundamentals, skills and actions that will make you a great leader. You will have lifetime access to continuously updated material in a constantly expanding video library of relevant, usable and evolving information. 

  • About CAVU

    CAVU eliminates workplace incidents through a standardized process improvement methodology: drastically increasing revenue potential, accelerating timescales, and transforming organizational culture from within.

    CAVU focuses on leadership, process, safety, and culture, where the margins between success and failure are narrow, and the consequences of failure are unacceptable. 

    CAVU stands for “Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited”, which defines the perfect day to fly in the aviation world.

    CAVU started building winning teams in the oil and gas industry by applying what they learned in the military to make good teams great and great teams even better. From Rear Admiral to Commander to Command Master Chiefs, CAVU brings unmatched experience and leadership that will provide your executives, managers, and supervisors with the tools to win.

    CAVU's objective is simple: incident-free workplaces and transformed team culture.

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