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Learning management system (LMS) - Deliver e-learning courses efficiently and effectively

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  • About our Learning Management System

    Manages the administration, documentation and reporting of training, including the delivery of e-learning courses efficiently and effectively

    Our Learning Management System (LMS) is a powerful and flexible system developed to manage the administration, documentation and reporting of training, including the delivery of online e-learning courses efficiently and effectively.

    Designed specifically to remove the common challenges of more rigid solutions, our LMS provides an easy-to-set-up, easy-to-use, intuitive and configurable platform.

    Supporting the management and access of course registrations, training records, and course certificates, it is designed to accommodate a broad set of events, including e-learning, simulation and classroom training. As well as e-learning the system is also capable of supporting learning materials in a number of formats, including video, PDF and PowerPoint. 

  • Why use our LMS

    Re-engage students and the reduce administrative burden

    There are three core benefits of our LMS:

    • Re-engage students with their e-learning course materials
    • Reduce the administrative burden of configuring and administering an LMS
    • Increase productivity with both students and administrators in mind

    Our LMS will allow you to:

    • Access online training at any time, from anywhere
    • Multi-language capability
    • Full smartphone and tablet compatibility
    • Low-bandwidth solution for organisations with locations with poor internet connectivity
    • Our LMS and training content are fully compliant with capabilities to cater for both SCORM version 1.2 and SCORM 2004 standards
    • Issue in-app notifications and applications
    • Create customised and scheduled reports. Default reports:
      • Course completion reports show all completions broken down by course and include high-level statistics about the number of users at each stage of the course
      • User reports - show all courses that the user has been enrolled in, including any valid certificates
      • Certificate reports - allow a user to see all valid and in-date certificates throughout the system. The LMS will highlight any user certificates that are nearing expiration or have expired
      • Schedule reports - excel spreadsheets will be emailed to any email address required for the following report types: completion report, user report, course report, and certificate report
      • Reporting dashboard - a high-level look over all the users for your company to see how well trainees are progressing, how many certificates expire or the most popular courses
  • How do I get started

    Anyone purchasing an e-learning course will automatically be given access to our LMS platform

    To experience the wide-ranging benefits from e-learning, any organisation small or big would need to deploy an LMS in order to provide the online platform and administration functionality to assign and manage the e-learning courses for its staff.

    Anyone purchasing one or a small number of online e-learning courses will automatically be given access to our LMS.

    Companies wanting to roll out e-learning to all or a large part of their organisation, but who do not have their own LMS, can be given full featured access to their own online version of our LMS for an annual subscription fee. This also allows for any of the company’s custom-made courses to be hosted on the same platform.