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Simulation solutions for a major port terminal operator

Our simulation technology plays a significant role in reducing accidents and enhancing operations.

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The Background

Our client is a world-leading port terminal operator based in the middle-east and first approached us in 2007 during a period of rapid growth. As the business grew, the client began to see bottlenecks in their operations and expressed concerns over a rise in the number of accidents causing costly damages to cargo during lifting operations. 


We were able to share evidence-based PMA studies indicating that simulation technology for port terminal staff can improve operational efficiency by up to 30%. It can also reduce on-the-job training time by 50% while simultaneously reducing the number of incidents resulting in costly damages to vessels and cargo by up to 70%.


The Solution

The client invested in a full-size ADS3-Crane simulator and 4 x desktop simulators to be permanently located onsite. By doing so, they were able to implement a systematic training program built around simulation-based training. An annual maintenance agreement is also in place to guarantee optimal support and ensure that simulators operate on the latest software releases from RelyOn Nutec Simulation with the best 3D graphic performance available. The simulators are used to test lift plans as well as train and retrain crane operators in both ship-to-shore and yard stacking operations in order to increase safety and enhance operational performance.


Simulation-based training is now an integral part of all lifting operations at the port terminal and RelyOn Nutec Simulation has worked closely with the client to install several upgrades over the years. We have also customised software graphic models for the client in order to recreate specific cranes and additional bespoke cargo characteristics at their request.


The Outcome

The client has reported that the simulators are used systematically as part of their training programmes to ensure the competence of their crane operators and improve operational efficiency. The effectiveness of simulation-based training in reducing the number of accidents has been highly commended.


To provide an indication of the scale of operations, in 2007 our client had an average 7.6 million TEUs handled at its terminal. A TEU or Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit is a unit of measurement applied to cargo capacity for container ships and terminals, derived from the dimensions of a 20ft standardized shipping container. Within the following 10 years, our client grew to operations involving 15.1 million TEUs per year, doubling its throughput. We strongly believe that the simulation-based training programmes successfully implemented by our client have been a key factor in their success and a credit to their team.


If you are interested to learn more about how our advanced dynamic simulation technology can support your port crane operations, please contact your nearest centre.


You can read more about our global simulation solutions here: https://relyonnutec.com/simulation/