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Online emergency response management drill

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions our customer Petrogas E&P Netherlands B.V. (Petrogas) was looking for an alternative way to facilitate their annual emergency management drill.

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The challenge

Prepare and coordinate a Drilling Activities Emergency exercise for the upcoming drilling activities, including a table top exercise for the Petrogas E&P Emergency Response Organisation, taking care of the preparation and execution of induction sessions and an emergency response exercise.

The exercise would simulate [the safe handling] of a COVID-19 outbreak onboard of the Petrogas A12 Platform and the Maersk Drilling Resilient Rig, connected to the former to perform drilling activities.

Due to the nature of the operations, both Petrogas and Maersk Drilling Emergency Response organisations had to remotely collaborate in order to successfully manage the scenario.

The solution

Although the training was originally planned at the headquarters of Petrogas, this wasn’t possible due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Therefore, the drill had to be completely delivered and executed online from each individual working from home.

This also helped Petrogas and Maersk to review and test their internal and external communication lines, procedures and situational awareness, amongst other learning targets.

From our situation room at the RelyOn Nutec Maasvlakte training centre, the exercise leader, trainers, observers and role players, coordinated the online drill and provided information, guidance and simulated social media inputs to the different parties involved. Observers from each company were involved, so subject matter experts in their respective fields, could provide constructive feedback to colleagues and correct procedures where needed.

During the drill, several online programmes were utilized for meetings, information sharing, simulated social media messages and more. The online nature of the drill presented new challenges on both execution and communication, in addition to the expected challenges that both Petrogas and Maersk Emergency Response Organisation would normally face in a “normal setting”..

The outcome

  • Well prepared Emergency Response Teams
  • Improved cooperation and communication amongst all the stakeholders involved
  • Quick adaptation of procedures and protocols where needed
  • Improvement of internal and external communication lines and situational awareness in an online environment
  • Quicker than conventional manning up of the Emergency Management and Crisis Management teams


”Adapting a system designed for physical presence in an Emergency Control Room into one fully executed remotely and from each individual home required a change in mentality and exercise drill practices; the help of RelyOn Nutec was instrumental for Petrogas E&P Netherlands to achieve our goal to build a resilient emergency management organisation during COVID-19 time”

Emanuele Gemelli, PEPN HSEQ Manager