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Improving efficiencies and raising compliance

How one company outsourced its training to secure our robust and transparent training management processes.

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The challenge

The Company, a global provider of offshore drilling services, was experiencing irregularities in training employees and compliance issues. This was resulting in higher operational costs, inefficiencies in training management and a lack of transparency.

As a global operator managing thousands of employees on rigs worldwide, significant improvements needed to be made both on operational excellence and raising compliance across the company.

At the time, The Company's training was carried out internally, but it recognised that this was inadequate and was contributing to the inefficiencies, compliance issues and higher costs.

The solution

The Company chose to outsource its training provision to us. We examined the standards already in place, before designing a tailored programme to suit its specific needs and to greatly improve consistency worldwide.

We looked first at the processes in place, with a view to standardising mandatory and technical training matrices. We then created a clear and consistent structure, with a rigorous method of demonstrating and measuring compliance.

We managed individual employee development needs, and built training plans against set matrix requirements. Finally, we implemented follow-up management reports to track project performance against KPIs.

The outcome

Training management service delivery began in 2007 and the service now currently serves over 5000 of The Company's employees globally via a global TMS contract. The client has reported significant benefits since the start of the programme, with a clear improvement in both consistency and compliance. Highlights included:

  • There was increased transparency in forecast and actual reporting of training spend
  • Cost savings negotiated an average of 10-12% discount for top 3rd party providers
  • Existing TMS contract lead to additional project based support for The Company in 2016/2017 with various new rig reactivations in Singapore (increased new start, induction, training requirements) New hire programs, ISN/database support and certificate projects. All projects have been completed through out of scope proposals and reimbursement