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A new approach to electrical learning

We work with industry, University and Government partners to build electrical skills and safety knowledge, ensuring performance in high reliability, high consequence operational environments.

We recognise that learning and skills acquisition will vary for each Learner.  Our objective is to create engaging and motivating learning solutions, that recognise differences, provide flexibility, and adapt to learning needs.

Our Blended Learning approach combines face-to-face classroom teaching, practical exercises in our facilities, with powerful digital learning and assessment tools. 

By mixing and matching Area9 Rhapsode adaptive learning modules, EXPERTise diagnostic tools, and real-world simulation equipment, RelyOn can create unsurpassed blended learning offerings tailored to meet client and industry needs. These capabilities will be rolled out across selected RelyOn training facilities.

As the facilities are equipped, courses will be made available. The first course to be offered will be the High Voltage Operator Refresher course. This course is designed to train individuals who are required to operate high voltage equipment and already hold a current qualification or relevant certificates. The courses will be tailored based on industry best-practice and to be in accordance with the relevant standards and legislations. Each course will be delivered by an experienced HV professional, bringing a depth of knowledge and experience to the learner. The High Voltage Operator Initial course is designed to provide new to industry participants with the knowledge and skills required to understand and safely work on High Voltage plant. Emphasis is placed on practical switching exercises using relevant equipment simulations. The learners will also be taught switching theory and the responsibilities of permit requirements for both workers and those deemed in charge of the work group.

Additionally, RelyOn is working with other industry bodies and institutions in the UK and Europe to develop offerings.