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Working at Heights and Rescue

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Working at Heights and Rescue


Upon completion of the course the delegate will be able to:

Identify the specific fall risks of each situation.
Explain the physics of falling arrest.
Understand the importance and reason for inspecting your harness before each use.
Perform an inspection of the harness.
Determine the capacity of the fall arrest team.
Explain the proper connection to the anchor points.
Correct positioning and adjustment of a full body harness.
Describe the correct way to store the fall protection equipment.
Recognize and correctly use the rescue equipment at heights.

Target Group

Safefty supervisors, responsible of SSPA or QHSE of contracts, superintendents, all personnels that perform Work at heights to more the 1.8 meters


Physical ability and medical fitness.


Writte Exam and Practice

Course Contents

The following topics are covered during the training:

•Work procedure in suspended areas of access
•Full body harness.
•Fall protection equipment.
•Secure anchor points.
•Emergency response.
•Inspection and maintenance of fall protection equipment.
•Regulations OSHA and NOM-009 / STPS-2011.
•Rescue team.
•Action of the rescue plan after the fall.
•Use of rescue equipment (Pulleys 3 to 1 or equipment provided bythe client).


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