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GWO: BST - Fire Awareness (Adaptive e-learning + practical)

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GWO: BST - Fire Awareness (Adaptive e-learning + practical)


The aim of GWO Fire Awareness training is to teach delegates to support and care for themselves and others working in the industry by possessing Fire Awareness knowledge and skills.

Target Group

Personnel who will be working in the wind industry or related fields, and will carry out their duties in a wind turbine environment, usually in physical contact with a wind turbine or offshore wind structure. Personnel that perform job functions that have been risk assessed by their employer or workplace, where training according to one or more modules of the BST standard may mitigate the identified risks.


Upon completion of the course, delegates will be awarded with GWO approved Fire Awareness certification. Certification is valid for 2 years. Prior to expiry delegates must retake GWO Fire Awareness Training to remain certified.

Course Contents

Demonstrate knowledge of the development and spread of fire. Demonstrate knowledge of the causes of fires in wind turbines and the dangers related to this. Identify any sign of a fire in a wind turbine environment. Demonstrate knowledge of the contingency plans in a wind turbine environment including smoke detection and emergency escape procedures. Demonstrate correct actions on discovering a fire including correct operation and fire extinguishing by means of the firefighting equipment in a WTG.