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Working Over Water & Cold Water Survival

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Working Over Water & Cold Water Survival


Upon successful completion of all training components, in accordance with the Training Standard, trainees will receive a RelyOn Nutec Canada certificate that is valid for three (4) years and a electronic wallet card certificate. The certificate indicates "Working Over Water".

Target Group

Offshore / Marine



- When checking in for training, please have your GOVERNMENT ISSUED PHOTO ID with you (ie: Passport or Drivers Licences, etc.)
- Shorts, T-Shirt, and Socks for pool exercises
- Towels, shower facilities on site
- Lock for locker

PLEASE NOTE: Certificates CANNOT be issued unless valid Government issued ID has been presented on Day 1 of training for all RONC courses, including OPITO approved training.

Course activities will involve various physical activities.

Course Contents

The course consists of 8 hours of training. The delegates training will consist of classroom instruction followed by a practical pool session.

The topics outlined below are what will be covered during the classroom and practical sessions:
• Identifying hazards associated with personnel transfers in a marine environment
•Safe and proper techniques to transfer to and from a vessel under a variety of conditions
•The correct method of climbing a pilot rope ladder
•Conditions which make it unsafe to undertake a marine transfer
•Sea survival techniques in the event that they enter the water during transfer
•Basic instruction on the use buoyancy aids and rescue equipment including pre-use inspections

By the end of training all candidates will have a better understanding of the requirements for safe transfer procedures, be able to make safe assessment of weather conditions, and have a sound awareness for the safety of personnel and themselves during transfer operations.

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