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GWO Fire Awareness

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GWO Fire Awareness


The aims of this course are to give the participants the basic knowledge and skills through theoretical and practical training to prevent fires, conduct initial and appropriate judgement when evaluating a fire, manage evacuation of personnel to ensure all are safely evacuated and accounted for in the event of an unmanageable fire and if it is judged to be safe, to efficiently extinguish an initial fire by using basic hand held fire fighting equipment.

Target Group

The Basic Safety Training (BST) is designed to provide personnel with the basic skills that will enable them to work in a safe manner in the wind industry and to meet emergency response training requirements for personnel new to the wind industry. It is designed to accommodate personnel working offshore.


No prerequisites


Delegates will be assessed according to the learning outcomes by means of direct obervation and supplementary oral questions as appropriate.

The assessment is to be conducted by practical scenarios based on the WTG environment.

The validation period for this module is 24 months.

Course is conducted at RelyOnNutec Belgium training centre at Ostend.

Course Contents

All learning outcomes which are stated in the GWO BST module Fire Awareness.

Which include:
- Global and National legislation
- Fire combustion and fire spread
- Fire extinction
- Fire prevention
- Fire fighting equipment in a wind turbine
- Scenario based practical exercises

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