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HLO Basic with E-learning / HLO Grunnkurs med E-læring

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HLO Basic with E-learning / HLO Grunnkurs med E-læring


The participant should be able to:
- Describe the organization and purpose of emergency preparedness on offshore installations
- Use the helideck manual
- Conduct communication and weather reporting with helicopters
- Recall helideck regulations and guidelines
- Handle dangerous goods
- Describe and perform inspections of the fuel system
- Perform HLO (Helicopter Landing Officer) tasks on the helideck during emergency situations and normal operations
- Provide information about helicopter types
- Utilize knowledge of firefighting and extinguishing agents to extinguish a fire
- Use the correct extinguishing agent to extinguish a fire
- Use personal protective equipment and respiratory protective equipment.

Target Group

Helideck Crew.
The course provides a basis for qualification for the following positions:
- Helideck Assistant
- Helideck Fire Watch
- HLO (After 1 year as Helideck Assistant/Fire Watch, according to Offshore Norway Helideck Manual)
- HLO (According to Offshore Norway guideline #074, section 9)
The course is in accordance with Offshore Norway's training plan.


Participants must have completed a Basic Safety Course approved by Offshore Norway.


Final theoretical test

The participant will be assessed during practical training. If the participant does not pass the practical training, they will receive a written explanation. If the participant is deemed not to meet the competency objectives, they will not be approved.
Passed exam is valid for 24 months.

Course Contents

The course contains theoretical preparatory work on e-learning, which must be completed before attending the course centre.

The course contains information about:
- Organization of emergency preparedness
- Laws and regulations
- Weather reporting, communication, and procedures - e-learning theory
- Helideck regulations and guidelines - e-learning theory
- Dangerous goods
- Aviation fuel - e-learning theory
- Emergency situations and normal operations on the helideck
- Types of helicopters
- Fire theory
- Extinguishing agent theory
- Fire practice
- Personal protective equipment


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