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Basic Safety training refresher for helicopter crew incl. the use of HABD

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Basic Safety training refresher for helicopter crew incl. the use of HABD


Delegates should build competence and knowledge about preparations for emergency landings on water, as well as the ability to evacuate efficiently and independently from a helicopter both above and below water.

Delegates should be able to:
-Evacuate a submerged helicopter both with and without the use of HABD
-Lead an evacuation of passengers and crew to a raft from a ditched helicopter
-Prepare and perform lifesaving first aid, as well as fight/put out small fires onboard the helicopter.

-Evacuate a helicopter independently with the use of a re-breathing system (pax)
-Perform lifesaving first aid, put out small fires and master sea survival in rough seas as well as different means of evacuation according to NOROG's curriculum.

Target Group

Civil crew/SAR-service who needs to stay offshore while in service.


Basic Safety Training according to Norwegian Oil and Gas no older than 4 years, and training according to JAR-OPS 3/EASA no older than 3 years.


A written test is completed before the practical training with HABD begins.
Upon completion of the course, delegates are given a certificate according to JA OPS 3/EASA and NOROG. Delegates have to participate in all exercises to pass the course.

Course Contents

- Preparations for crew and passengers before an emergency landing
- Procedures for evacuation
- Emergency equipment and systems in the helicopter
-Sea survival and means of evacuation.

-Organising evacuation from helicopter into life raft
-Underwater evacuation from helicopter simulator with re-breather system
-Water accustomisation in shallow waters, with and without the use of HABD
-Underwater evacuation from helicopter simulator with and without the use of HABD
-Lifesaving first aid with CPR
-Fire fighting with handheld extinguisher and small fire hose
-Staying at sea in survival suits
-Use of emergency equipment.


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