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112-hour Apprentice Mate (Steersman)

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112-hour Apprentice Mate (Steersman)


The goal is to enhance safety and productivity in the maritime working environment by instilling the knowledge and skills reflected in the Coast Guard exam topic table.

Target Group

Individuals who are applying for a license as Apprentice Mate of Towing Vessels.


Students must be able to read and speak in English.


The candidate will be required to score a minimum competency on a written exam.

Course Contents

Navigational Rules of the Road
Charts and Navigation Publications
Tide and current calculations
Aids To Navigation
Luminous and geographic range
Latitude and longitude
Plotting courses and bearings
Speed, time, and distance
Fixing positions
Dead Reckoning
Effects of current - Set, drift, EP, course to steer
Running fix
Distance off
Voyage planning
Deck General - Seamanship
Advanced Deck General and Safety
Vessel Maneuvering and Handling
Engine Operating Principles
Ship Construction
Basic Principles of Watchkeeping
Cargo Handling
Lifesaving equipment
Fire Prevention and FF Appliances:
Pollution Prevention
Radiotelephone Communications
Emergency Procedures
Manning and Licensing
Regulations for Uninspected Vessels
Regulations for Vessels less than 100 GRT
Regulations for Vessels less than 200 GRT
Towing operations