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OPEP Level 1 - On Scene Responder - Digital Learning

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OPEP Level 1 - On Scene Responder - Digital Learning




Course Assessment

Course Contents

"LO1: Identify potential hazards that could lead to a spill
LO2: Identify potential locations of a spill
LO3: Assess potential environmental impacts
LO4: Explain the purpose of an oil pollution emergency plan
LO5: Implement response strategy
LO6: Assess the danger to human health
LO7: Identify the properties of the spilled oil
LO8: Report the spill to MRCC
LO9: Report the spill using the PON1
LO10: Quantify spill using measured or calculated data from operational or production losses
LO11: Measure the oiled area
LO12: Allocate appearance coverage
LO13: Apply thickness band for allocated appearance
LO14: Calculate minimum volume
LO15: Calculate maximum volume
LO16: Explain the use of aerial surveillance
LO17: Explain the use of oil modelling
LO18: Describe the concept of tiered response
LO19: Decide on the preferred response option
LO20: Monitor and review the situation
LO21: Explain what dispersants are and when to use them
LO22: Identify the areas where approval from the licensing authority is required
LO23: Describe how to contain and recover oil
LO24: Describe oil sampling and the guidelines available
LO25: Explain the purpose of the shoreline protection plan
LO26: Describe the Emergency Pollution Control regulations "