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1 Day Fire Warden

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    1 Day

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1 Day Fire Warden


Aim of the course is to raise awareness and understanding regarding fire safety in accordance with the following elements:

A greater awareness of fire and smoke
Awareness of fire safety measures in the workplace
An understanding of their action in the event of a fire actions
Ability to identify and operate fire fighting equipment
Awareness of fire hazards in the workplace
Understand the role of Fire Warden / Marshal
Understand the importance of regular drills
A greater awareness of the dangers of fire and smoke
Awareness of fire safety measures
Actions in the event of a fire
Identifying correct fire fighting equipment
Ability to identify potential fire hazards in the workplace
An understanding of human behaviour in fire

Target Group

To provide delegates with an understanding and appreciation of the nature and classification of fire. Operation and safe use of portable fire-fighting equipment and what their actions would be in the event of a fire. The course will also provide designated staff with sufficient understanding of fire, how to apply the emergency plan procedures, identify hazards and supervise the safe evacuation of company personnel.

The course is suitable for supervisors and designated staff with fire and safety responsibilities in the industrial, commercial and public sectors.

The course is designed for employees to have a basic understanding and training in Fire Awareness thereby reducing the risk of fire in the workplace.

This course complies with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and Health and Safety Legislation


There are no prerequisites for attending this training course


Course completion certificate will be issued to all delegates who successfully complete the training programme

Course Contents

Fire statistics
Fire legislation
Action in the event of a fire
Operation of alarm systems
Action on hearing the alarm
Means of escape
Fire precautions
Smoke travel
Human behaviour in fire situations
Identify hazards in the workplace
Liaison with emergency services
Fire statistics
Theory of Combustion
Classification of Fire
Method of extinguishment
Identification and types of Portable Fire Extinguishers
Operation and use of fire extinguishers
Basic fire fighting techniques
Fire Development (Spread of Heat & Smoke)
Fire Prevention (Good Housekeeping Practices)
Actions in the event of a fire
Practical Exercises (Use of Fire Extinguishers, Fire Blanket & Hose reel)