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Search and Rescue Basic

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    NOK 19,030.00 - NOK 19,981.00

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Please make sure pre-requirements are met

Please note, all delegates must present the following documentation before they can attend the course: - Medical certificate for personnel perfoming Search and Rescue duties. - Certificate of passed Fitness Test. - Certificate of completed Test of Strenght. RelyOn Nutec can arrange for the physical tests to be taken at our location before the course starts. Contact us for more information.

Search and Rescue Basic


After completing the course the participants should be able to:
- conduct search and rescue operations
- planning and implement fire-fighting measures
- taking action to prevent the spread of fires
- complete risk assessments
- know the limitations of equipment and personnel

Target Group

Emergency team personnel on fixed and mobile facilities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.


Valid Basic Safety Training approved by Norwegian Oil and Gas (NOROG).

All delegates must present a medical certificate for personnel performing search and rescue duties. Delegates must also pass the fitness test and test of strenght before course start.


Written exam with multiple choice answers.

Course Contents

During the course, the following topics are covered:
- Emergency preparedness/organisation
- Lifesaving first aid
- Patient examination/triage
- Fire theory
- Substances used for fire extinguishing
- Fire extinguishing equipment
- Fire extinguishing and fire suppression
- Physiology
- Compressed air and other smoke diving equipment
- Search and rescue incl. smoke diving
- Pressurized gases and fluids
(deluge in the event of a gas leak)
- Mental reactions and psychological stress
management (in the event of accidents and catastrophes)
- Rescue work at damage site.

  • Oil & Gas

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Gravdalsveien 255, Laksevåg, 5165, Norway

+47 56 99 92 59

Opens in 6 hours and 48 minutes

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Tømmerodden 10, Hundvåg, 4077, Norway

+47 56 99 92 59

Opens in 6 hours and 48 minutes

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Bynesveien 66, TRONDHEIM, 7018, Norway

+47 56 99 92 59

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Bjerkvika (500 m fra avgangshallen), Kjevik, 4657, Norway

+47 56 99 92 59

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