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Offshore Basic Spill Responder - Digital Learning

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    90 Minutes

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    NOK 700.00

Offshore Basic Spill Responder - Digital Learning




Course Assessment

Course Contents

LO1: Describe the Working Environment
LO2: Explain Spills and How We Can Prevent Them Occurring
LO3: Identifying Spills
LO4: Describe Adsorbents
LO5: Describe Spill Kits
LO6: Identify the Steps of Spill Response
LO7: Interactive Exercise 1 - Responding to a Small Oil Spill
LO8: Explain the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
LO9: Interactive Exercise 2 - Responding to a Small Chemical Spill
LO10: Explain the Risk Assessment
LO11: Interactive Exercise 3 - Placing Spill Kits