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G20 Fastmontert hydraulisk kran

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    16 hours

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    Norwegian, English

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    NOK 6,110.00

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G20 Fastmontert hydraulisk kran


The purpose of the course is to provide prospective crane operators with good theoretical and practical basic training on fixed hydraulic cranes. The course will give the students a good insight into the principles of the crane's construction and operation. After completing the course with a passed theoretical test, this will, together with the passed practical test, be the basis for issuing crane driver's certificates G 20 Fixed hydraulic cranes

Target Group

The course is intended for personnel who will operate the G20 crane in their work according to training plan NORSOK R-003


The student must be at least 18 years of age at the beginning of the course. The student must have passed and passed: Module O-1.1 Lifting tool, alternatively Module 1.1- 2.3


After completing the course, the student must be able to document, through a written test and a practical driving test, that they have the knowledge required for approval for operating / guiding fixed hydraulic cranes.

Theory: Minimum number of questions: 30
Maximum time for trial: 1 hour
Minimum score to pass: 80%
Practice: Minimum number of questions: 3
Maximum time for trial: 1 hour
Minimum score to pass: 80%

Course Contents

Introduction, Regulations, Standards, Construction / Structure, Electricity, Hydraulics, Mechanics, Steel Rope, Winch, Block, Documentation / Certification, Maintenance, Safety Regulations, Lifting Gear

Contact information


Tømmerodden 10, Hundvåg, 4077, Norway

+47 56 99 92 59

Opens in 1 hour and 48 minutes

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