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Legionella Awareness - Digital Learning

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Legionella Awareness - Digital Learning




Course Assessment

Course Contents

LO1: Explain what legionella is and where it can be found
LO2: Identify systems which present a risk of legionella increasing
LO3: Explain how legionella multiplies
LO4: Identify the temperatures that affect legionella
LO5: Explain what Legionnaires’ disease is and how it is contracted
LO6: Describe who can be affected by Legionnaires’ disease
LO7: Identify when the symptoms of Legionnaires’ disease can begin
LO8: Describe mild symptoms of Legionnaires’ disease
LO9: Describe severe symptoms of Legionnaires’ disease
LO10: Describe how the risk of legionella is controlled in potable water systems
LO11: Describe how the risk of legionella is controlled in all water systems
LO12: Explain how water is treated
LO13: Describe cleaning and disinfection procedures