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NR-12 - Machinery and Equipment Safety Course

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Health, Safety and Administration Fee

Applicable in: Macaé

BRL 45.00

Please make sure pre-requirements are met

Prerequisites: - Be more than 18 years old; - RG and CPF (brazilian); - Passport (expatriate); - Submit Occupational health certificate (ASO) or certificate of good physical and health condition;

NR-12 - Machinery and Equipment Safety Course


Qualify workers for the safe operation of machinery and equipment.

Target Group

All workers who operate machinery and / or equipment, and carry out maintenance, inspection and other interventions in these.


- RG; CPF;
- Occupational Health Certificate (ASO) or Certificate of good physical and mental health.



Validity: 2 years

Course Contents

Theory - 12 hours

Module 1 - Legal Aspects: 1.1 Legal Aspects for Health Assurance and Physical Integrity of Workers; 1.2 Presentation of NR-12 - Safety at Work in Machinery and Equipment.

Module 2 - Hazards and Risks Inherent to the Use of Machines and Equipment: 2.1 Conceptualization of Risk Perception, Distinction between Hazard and Risk; 2.2 Description and Identification of Hazards and Hazards Relating to the Handling of Machines and Equipment; 2.3 Description and Identification of Risks Associated with Each Machine and Equipment, and Specific Protections against Each One of Them; 2.4 Accidents and Diseases Resulting from Exposure to Risks Associated with Machinery and Equipment.

Module 3 - Protection Measures: 3.1 Priority of the Application of Protection Measures; 3.2 Workers' Responsibilities; 3.3 Protection’s Functioning; How and Why They Should Be Used; 3.4 How and Under What Circumstances a Protection Can be Removed, and By Whom; 3.5 What to Do if a Protection Has Been Damaged or Lost its Function, Failing to Ensure Adequate Safety.

Module 4 - Principles of Safety: 4.1 The Principles of Safety in the Use of the Machine or Equipment; 4.2 Safe Working Method; 4.3 Work Permission; 4.4 Methods of Communication in the Event of Machine Failure.

Module 5 - Safety Practices for Operation, Maintenance, Inspection and Other Interventions in Machinery and Equipment: 5.1 Safety for Mechanical, Electrical and Other Relevant Risks; 5.2 Machine and Equipment Operation Lockout System During Inspection, Cleaning, Lubrication and Maintenance Operations; 5.3 Case Study.

Practice - 04 Hours

1. Completion of Operational Check-list for Machinery and Equipment; 2. Identification of the Moving, Fixed and Interconnected Parts of the Equipment; 3. Identification of Risks Related to the Equipment or Machine Operation’s Area; 4. Recognition of the Safety Measures in the Equipment.

Technical Reference: Consolidation of Labor Laws, NR 6; NR 10, NR 12 and NR 34.

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