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Forklift Operator Training Course

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Health, Safety and Administration Fee

Applicable in: Macaé

BRL 45.00

Please make sure pre-requirements are met

Prerequisites: - Be more than 18 years old; - RG and CPF (brazilian); - Passport (expatriate); - Submit Occupational health certificate (ASO) or certificate of good physical and health condition;

Forklift Operator Training Course


Enable workers to work safely in forklift maneuvers.

Target Group

Workers intending to work with cargo handling activities with forklifts.


- RG and CPF;
- Passport (expatriate);
- Occupational Health Certificate (ASO) or Certificate of good physical and mental health condition.


Multiple choice exam with minimum passing grade of 60%.

Validity: N/A

Course Contents

1 - Legislation: 1.1 Understanding Safety and Health Legislation at Work; 1.2 Understanding Traffic Legislation.

2 - Risk Control Measures: 2.1 Personal Protective Equipment - PPE; 2.2 Collective Protection Equipment - CPE; 2.3 Hand Protection; 2.4 Forklift Supply; 2.5 Emergencies / Fire; 2.6 Handling and Transport of Dangerous Products.

3 - Inspection, Regulation and Maintenance with Safety: 3.1 Maintenance; 3.2 Regulation; 3.3 Instruction Manual; 3.4 Inspection.

4 - Definitions and Classifications: 4.1 Basic Concept; 4.2 Classification of Forklifts.

5 - Principles of Safety in the Use of the Forklift: 5.1 Principles of Operation.

6 - Forklift Composition and Structure: 6.1 Forklift Components; 6.2 Commands; 6.3 Control Panel Instruments.

7 - Operation with Safety of the Forklift: 7.1 Operation of the Forklift Machine; 7.2 Work Planning; 7.3 Signaling and Floor Painting; 7.4 Safety Signaling for Forklift Operation; 7.5 Work and Safety Procedures; 7.6 Design, Manufacture, Import, Sale, Lease, Auction, Assignment to Any Title and Exhibition; 7.7 Danger zone; 7.8 Operational Safety Rules.

8 - Understanding Accidents and Diseases Due to Forklift Operation: 8.1 Accidents in Forklift Operation; 8.2 Diseases Due to Forklift Operation (Additional Risks).

9 - Procedures in Emergency Situation: 9.1 Types of Emergencies in Forklift Operations; 9.2 Safety recommendations in emergency cases.

10 - Notions of First Aid: 10.1 First Aid in Forklift Operations.

Technical Reference:
CLT; NR-6; NR-11; NR-12; NR-17.

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Av. Prefeito Aristeu Ferreira da Silva, 1277, Bairro: Novo Cavaleiros, Macaé - RJ, 27930070, Brazil

+55 21 2018 1058

Opens 7:30 AM on Monday

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