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Fundamentals of Lithium-Ion Cells and Batteries

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Fundamentals of Lithium-Ion Cells and Batteries


LO1: Give an overview of the history of batteries
LO2: Explain how a battery works
LO3: Explain the structure and function of lithium-ion batteries
LO4: Describe the different types of lithium battery
LO5: List some examples of incidents involving batteries
LO6: Explain the hazards associated with the use of batteries
LO7: Explain the hazard symbols and packaging labels used with batteries
LO8: Explain how to work with batteries safely
LO9: Explain what to do in an incident involving batteries
LO10: Explain how to safely dispose of batteries
LO11: List the legislation and regulations relevant to batteries

Target Group

Oil & Gas Industry (Onshore & Offshore)


No prerequisites are required to sit this course.


The assessment is taken during the course and is within the expected duration.

Course Contents

The aim of this course is to introduce delegates to the fundamentals of lithium and ion-cell batteries, including how batteries operate, the associated hazards, symbols and labelling, and how to work with batteries safely.

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