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(L-AUS) Low Voltage Work: DS/EN 50110

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(L-AUS) Low Voltage Work: DS/EN 50110


Module 1 -
Section 1 – Introduction to Low Voltage Work Under Voltage, L-AUS
LO1: Describe the history of safety within the electrical trade industry
LO2: Introduce and summarise Low Voltage Work Under Voltage, L-AUS
LO3: Explain the legal framework
LO4: Outline the objectives of the DS/EN 50110-1:2013
LO5: Identify where the standard applies
Section 2 – An Organisation’s Responsibilities
LO6: Identify who is responsible according to the standard
LO7: Explain an organisation’s responsibilities for overall planning
LO8: Explain an organisation’s responsibility for providing training
LO9: Define skilled and instructed persons and outline their responsibilities
LO10: Explain the meaning of internal management systems
LO11: Outline the necessity of conducting risk assessments
Section 3 – Common Electrical Hazards and Safety Equipment
LO12: Describe injuries that can be caused by common electrical hazards
LO13: Identify the purpose of different types of personal protective equipment
LO14: Outline and describe the different categories of hand tools suitable for working within electrical installations
LO15: Describe the purpose of protection against adjacent live parts
Section 4 – Measuring Instruments
LO16: Explain the purpose of measuring instruments, and identify the benefits of different types
LO17: Explain the safety features of multimeters
LO18: Describe the purpose of safety categories and where different categories of measuring instruments can typically be used
LO19: Identify risks associated with the practical use of measuring instruments
LO20: Explain the benefits and risks of the hold function
Section 5 – When Accidents Happen
LO21: Explain the importance of knowing first aid
LO22: Identify when to carry out CPR
LO23: Describe the purpose of defibrillators and how they work
LO24: Explain how to place someone in the recovery position
LO25: Explain how rescue sticks work
LO26: Explain how lifelines work
LO27: Identify the correct procedure for reporting accidents

Module 2 -
Section 1 – Roles and Responsibilities
LO1: Outline the role and responsibilities of the Operations Manager
LO2: Outline the role and responsibilities of the Safety Supervisor
Section 2 – Safety at the Worksite
LO3: Describe the steps that must be taken before work commences
LO4: Identify levels of access for different types of installations and personnel
LO5: Explain safety precautions to take when operating fuses
LO6: Identify safety precautions to take when working on non-insulated overhead lines
Section 3 – Working Methods
LO7: Outline the different types of working methods and associated safety measures
LO8: Identify the steps that must be taken to remove safety measures
LO9: Describe when an installation can be categorised as energised
LO10: Outline safety precautions to consider when carrying out maintenance work

Target Group

Working on or near electrical installations.


No prerequisites are required to sit this course.


The assessment is taken during the course and is within the expected duration.

Course Contents

The course is available in the following languages: English; Danish
The aim of this course is to provide you with a detailed explanation of L-AUS requirements and how to work safely when near electrical installations. The course will also focus on the legal framework, organisational responsibilities, common electrical hazards and safety equipment, measuring instruments and what to do when accidents occur. 
Following completion of this course you will have learned and have an understanding of low voltage level electrical installations. You will also be able to show an understnading of the safety-related aspects, carry out risk assessment and use and inspect both suitable tools as well as personal protective equipment. This course will give you the necessary trianing to work with dead installations, live installations and in the vicinity of live installations. In addition, the course includes a basic knowledge of first aid in relation to electrical installations.
This course is designed in accordance to the European standard EN 50110.

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