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Introduction to Wind Energy

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Introduction to Wind Energy


LO1: Explain what wind energy is
· What is wind energy?
· The major wind energy bodies that provide good practice guidance
· Wind industry statistics
· Environmental aspects
· Major arrays and operators
LO2: List examples of how wind energy has been used throughout history
LO3: Recognise the main components of a wind turbine generator (WTG)
LO4: Explain how wind energy is turned into power
LO5: Summarise the wind turbine lifecycle
LO6: Summarise the wind energy supply chain
LO7: Explain the issues commonly associated with working in wind energy environments
· Onshore: Access/Weather/Transport/Living away from home
· Offshore: Sea state/Weather/Transfer/Living offshore
LO8: Summarise the various support and transport vessels that are used on and offshore
· Onshore: CTV/SOV/Lifting/Dive support/Survey/Cable laying
· Offshore: Survey/Drilling/HGV/Escort/Craneage
LO9: Summarise the workplace hazards associated with working in the wind energy industry
LO10: Summarise personal safety equipment commonly used by wind turbine technicians

Target Group

Personnel who will be working in the wind industry or related fields, and will carry out their duties in a wind turbine environment, usually in physical contact with a wind turbine or offshore wind structure.
Personnel that perform job functions that have been risk assessed by their employer or workplace, where training according to one or more modules of the BST standard may mitigate the identified risks.


No prerequisites are required to sit this course.


The assessment is taken during the course and is within the expected duration.

Course Contents

The aim of this course is to provide you with an overview of how wind energy is captured and turned into the electrical energy we use in our homes.

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