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Respiratory Protection Equipment (RPE) - OSHA Standards

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Respiratory Protection Equipment (RPE) - OSHA Standards


LO1: Explain the legislation, roles and responsibilities relating to RPE
LO2: Explain how to select appropriate RPE for a given task
LO3: Identify the various types of filters and their associated use
LO4: Identify the various types of RPE used offshore
LO5: Describe the factors to be aware for ensuring properly fitting RPE
LO6: Explain how to correctly maintain, store and dispose of RPE

Target Group

Oil & Gas Industry
29 CFR 1926.451


No prerequisites are required to sit this course.


The assessment is taken during the course and is within the expected duration.

Course Contents

This course is available in the following languages: US English; Spanish; Turkish; Arabic.
This course will help you to understand the importance of proper Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) use in hazardous workplace environments. You will learn about legislation, maintenance, the fit of various types of RPE, and be able to select adequate and suitable RPE for a given task or situation.
Employers should provide additional training when a new hazard/procedure/condition or piece of equipment is introduced into the workplace or ?unscheduled? refresher training is recommended as directed to address inadequacies in knowledge and to address unsafe acts/deviations from procedures.

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