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STCW First Aid and CPR (HOUSTM-197)

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STCW First Aid and CPR (HOUSTM-197)


The goal is to enhance safety and productivity in the maritime working environment by instilling the knowledge and skills appropriate to assist in a first aid emergency situation while aboard a vessel.

Target Group

Any applicant who has successfully completed your First Aid & CPR (HOUSTM-197) course will satisfy: The First Aid and CPR training requirements of 46 CFR 11.201(i)(l), provided that this training was completed within one year of the date of application; AND The Elementary First Aid standards of competence requirements of 46 CFR 11.302(a) (3) and 12.602(a)(3); AND The Elementary First Aid standards of competence required by STCW Code Section A¬VI/1 and Table A-VI/1-3, as amended 2010, meeting the National Assessment Guidelines from NVIC 08-14(Ch-1) Tasks 4.1.A thru 4.9.A inclusive; NVICs 12-14(Ch-3) and 02-18 Task 19.3; and NVIC 13-14(Ch-2) Task 13.3.A. Applicants who have successfully completed your course need not present completed "Task Control Sheets" for these assessments in application for STCW certification.


None. The student must be able to read and understand English.


In order to successfully complete this course, each student must obtain a grade percentage of not less than 70% on the Medic First Aid Exam and no less than 70% on demonstrations.

Course Contents

The following topics will be covered during the training:
- First Aid Provider
- Protecting Yourself
- Legal Considerations
- Calling for Help
- Emergency Moves
- Cardiac Arrest
- Chest Compressions
- Rescue Breaths
- Automated External Defibrillation
- Primary Assessment – Unresponsive Person
- Caring for Cardiac Arrest
- Multiple Provider Approach
- Choking
- Primary Assessment
- Secondary Assessment
- Control of Bleeding
- Shock
- Head, Neck, or Back Injury
- Swollen, Painful, or Deformed Limb
- Burns
- Minor Injuries
- Altered Mental Status
- Breathing Difficulty, Shortness of Breath
- Pain, Severe Pressure, or Discomfort in the Chest
- Poisoning
- Heat Emergencies
- Cold Emergencies
- OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard
- Specific Bloodborne Pathogens
- Hepatitiis B Immunization
- Your Company's Exposure Control Plan
- Transmitting Bloodborne Pathogens
- Methods to Control the Risks of Exposure
- When an Exposure Occurs
- Housekeeping
- Introduction
- Delivery Systems
- Pulse Oximetry
- Oxygen Delivery
- Other Considerations
- Review Assessment


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