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Vinsj modul O-2.3 & O-3.3

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    24 hours

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Vinsj modul O-2.3 & O-3.3


The objective of the training is that the person who is given training acquires a good theoretical / practical basic training and sufficient knowledge about the safe use of winches with associated equipment so that accidents during use are avoided.

Target Group

Personnel who in their daily work will use / use winch


Theory module 2.3 Minimum number of questions: 10 Maximum time for trial: 1 hour Minimum score to pass: 80% Theory module 3.3 Minimum number of questions: 16 Maximum time for trial: 1 hour Minimum score to pass: 80%

Course Contents

Introduction regulations Construction and operation Component name Certification, labeling Coil devices, safety devices General safety rules and emergency procedures Proper and incorrect use of winches Use Restrictions Control, maintenance and disposal rules for winch, wire rope, blocks etc. Theoretical exam Practical exercises: Daily check of winch with accessories Use control lever and emergency stop Use of emergency lifting possible emergency lifting Driving speeds (start, stop, upper / lower position) Driving with the use of signal (hand, radio, driving personnel) Driving loads (light and heavy)