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TSBB Initial 5605 - Travel Safely by Boat

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TSBB Initial 5605 - Travel Safely by Boat


The aims and objectives of the Travel Safely by Boat (TSbB) training are to ensure that all personnel traveling/transferring by boat to work in offshore areas achieve the following:
- Awareness of the risks to which they are exposed and how they are managed
- An understanding of the essential safety rules with which they must comply and how to act
in an emergency
- An increase in their personal commitment to safety
- Effective use of personal safety equipment
- Practice and demonstrate correct method of boat transfers (simulated boat deck and

Target Group

This program is designed to meet the initial onshore safety and emergency response training for new entrants and all personnel currently traveling and transferring by boat to an offshore oil and gas installation


No prerequisites are required.

NOTE: Delegates who are in possession of a current BOSIET (with EBS), FOET (with EBS), HUET (with EBS), Tropical BOSIET, Tropical FOET, Tropical HUET, BOSIET (with CAEBS), HUET (with CA-EBS) or FOET (with CA-EBS) are not required to participate in practical life raft and in-water sea survival exercises.


Delegates will be assessed against the learning outcomes specified in the OPITO Standards for TSbB using direct observation and oral and/or written questions as appropriate.

Course Contents

During the TSbB training program, delegates will gain a basic level of understanding and an awareness of safety and emergency response associate with traveling to an offshore installation by boat for the purpose of transfer. The two main topics covered are Boat Travel and Boat Emergencies.
For boat travel:
- don the appropriate flotation device used during boat transfers
- method of transfer between a simulated boat deck and fixed installation deck using swing
rope transfers with luggage transfers
For boat emergencies:
- actions in preparation of a boat emergency
- actions in the event of an abandonment
- survival techniques following an abandonment

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