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Refresher Management of Major Emergencies (NOGEPA 2.14B)

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Refresher Management of Major Emergencies (NOGEPA 2.14B)


The Management of Major Emergencies (MoME) refresher training prepares Offshore Installation Managers, and other members of a crisis management team on offshore platforms, for action during major emergencies. During the training participants will be confronted with incidents that can occur while executing daily activities on an offshore platform. Various realistic scenarios, matched to work processes and procedures, train the participants on how to act and communicate in crisis situations.

Target Group

Offshore Installation Managers (OIM)
Persons being part of an Emergency Management Team
Persons providing support to an Emergency Management Team.


The Delegate is required to have intricate knowledge of E&P operations and (company specific) emergency procedures.
And be in possession of a valid NOGEPA 2.14A certificate.


Validity: 4 years

Course Contents

Subjects of the theory sessions are:

- Case studies.
- The role of the Emergency Manager and the Emergency Management Team.
- The need for a well equipped command centre and a Information Management system (IMS).
- Maintaining a state of readiness on board and preparation for Emergencies.
- The nature of Major Emergencies and their respective requirements for leadership abilities.
- The effects of stress on the performance of key personnel.

The practical training will be executed by means of command centre simulations and consist of the following elements:

- Assessing the Situation
- Taking Effective Action
- Maintaining Communications
- Delegating Authority
- Managing Self and Team

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