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Helicopter Landing Officer Firefighting (HFF)

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Helicopter Landing Officer Firefighting (HFF)


Upon completion of the course, the delegate will be able to: - state the different helicpoter designs and construction components, - explain how to rescue passengers safely during a helicopter emergency. - list the procedures to follow in the event of a helicopter fire. - deomonstrate how to extinguish different types of helicopter fires. - perform rescues from helicpoter simulator with and without smoke.

Target Group

Helicopter Landing Officers Heliport/Helideck Firefighting Personnel


There is no written exam; however, the delegate must be deemed proficient on the practical exercises using the helicopter simulator.

Course Contents

The following topics are addressed during the training: - elements of a fire - fire classifications - extinguisher types and their extinguishing agents - fire hose streams and when to use each type - helicopters used in the Gulf of Mexico - materials used in helicopter construction - PPE needed to respond to a helicopter fire - proper use of an SCBA - firefighting equipment on a helideck - fixed firefighting systems - rescue equipment