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HLO basic course

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HLO basic course


After completing the course delegates will have acquired basic knowledge and skills relating to helicopter operations, including both normal and emergency operations on helideck, safety procedures, accident prevention, and relevant protective, fire and rescue equipment that must be available on the helideck.

Target Group

Helideck crew.
The course qualifies for the following positions:
-HLO (After 1 year in a regular position as a heliguard and/or fireguard)
-HLO (Reference is made to Norwegian Oil and Gas' guidelines #074 p.9, Helidekkbemanning og kompetanse(Norwegian only).

The course is in accordance with the Norwegian Oil and Gas' (NOROG) recommended guidelines.


Basic Safety Training approved by Norwegian Oil and Gas.


Awareness Training Dangerous Goods. Once passed, the test valid for 24 months.

All practical exercises will be evaluated according to the guidelines. If a delegate does not pass, they will receive a written justification.

Course Contents

The course covers the following topics:
- laws and regulations,
- weather reporting, communication and procedures
- helicopter fuel,
- dangerous goods (Awareness Training Dangerous Goods),
- duties and responsibilities,
- helicopter types,
- emergency situations and normal operations on the helideck,
- firefighting theory
- firefighting
- protective gear.

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Health, Safety and Administration Fee

Applicable in: Bergen

NOK 135.00

Health, Safety and Administration Fee

Applicable in: Trondheim

NOK 135.00