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Basic Helicopter Deck Assistant (NOGEPA 1.3A)

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Basic Helicopter Deck Assistant (NOGEPA 1.3A)


The HDA is responsible for the day-to-day activities on an offshore helideck and associated helideck operations. The HDA will also execute orders given by an HLO for the initial response to a helicopter emergency on an offshore installation or vessel. This training is only accepted in the Dutch continental self of the north sea. The course provides the delegate with a range of knowledge and skills relevant to helicopter operations and working on an offshore helideck.

The objective is to train delegates in theory and practice in performing activities related to helicopter operations at a mining installation, both under normal conditions and emergency situations.

Target Group

Persons designated to act as Helicopter Deck Assistant at a mining installation.


The delegate shall be in the possession of a valid registration in the Personal Safety Logbook of the:

- Basic or Refresher Course Fire-Fighting Helicopters (2.9a/b) or
- Basic or Refresher course Member Fire-fighting and Rescue team¿ (2.6a/b)


Study targets given are test criteria for:
- written or oral assessment of the theoretical knowledge;
- final assessment by the instructor of the practical exercises;
If all the learning targets are tested and assessed with a pass (responsibility of the institute) the course will be registered in the Personal Safety Logbook.

Course Contents

- Hazards of helicopter operations, dangerous areas, entry and escape routes (helideck and helicopter), (personal) protective equipment to be used, cleaning, maintenance and completion of available equipment;
- preparation of the helideck and associated (fire-fighting) equipment for the landing and take-off of a helicopter;
- performance of normal and emergency procedures, connected with the landing and take-off of helicopters;
- embarkment or disembarkment of persons and loading or unloading of freight (including dangerous materials);
- the loading of the helicopter and the collection of the data for the determination of the weight of the helicopter;
- procedures and actions for starting the helicopter engines and any support provided.

Learning targets loading fuel:
- fuel installation operations;
- refuelling a helicopter;
- carrying out fuel quality checks.