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The employer's HSE training

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The employer's HSE training


How to see, think and act to ensure that HSE work is part of the company and integrated in the organization culture.

The benefit of good HSE work.

How to integrate HSE work in planning and decision-making process in the company also including change process

Make the employer able to use the HSE legislation to encourage continues improvement of HSE work in the company

Give the employer knowledge about the working environment factors that may have impact on the employee's physical and mental health and the working environment in the company.

How to perform good HSE work by using dialog, involvement and cooperation between safety delegates, union and the company management.

Give the employer knowledge about how organization culture are developed and changed.

Target Group

Legislative course in accordance with section § 3.5 for senior executives and their deputy. Suitable for mangers and personnel in middle management position with employer duty. Will also be valuable for safety delegates and working environment committees.




A course diploma according to authority requirement, will be made when the course is completed.

Course Contents

Motivation for HSE work
The Norwegian HSE legislation
Duties of the employer and the benefit of HSE work
Practices regarding systematic health, environment and safety work
Internal Control Regulations from theory to practice
Organization culture; advice for developing organization culture

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