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HSE Culture and Leadership: Communication and Learning - 15 numbers of credits

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HSE Culture and Leadership: Communication and Learning - 15 numbers of credits


The aim of the programme is that the particiapnt shall gain a broad understanding of the concept of HSE-culture and related topics. Based on this understanding the participant will be enabled to impel on own organisation and act as a resource in order to improve and develop the HSE culture.

Target Group

The study is aimed at workers who either hold a leadership position, are impellent or possess a coaching role within HSE both within private and public sector


Pre-qualifications include insight into basic HSE. Participants who requests to gain 15 course credits by completing an exam must satisfy the general admission requirements for higher eduation. Alternatively HiB will consider informal and practical competance in order to compensate for formal qualifications. This requires that the participant sent an application form including a detailed description of experience and qualifications.

In the case where the participant only wish to be issued proof of participation there is not a request for general admission requirements. The participant will receive a proof of participation document.


An exam will be submitted through a written project review, either indivudually or in a group. A joint grade will be awarded in the case of group project reviews. Tutorial support will be given in relation to the project review.

Course Contents

In order to meet the aim of the programme, the student will work on the concept of HSE related to their own organisation. This involves that the student must relate to their own organisation in an analytic and reflective manner. Moreover the student is inclined to focus on perspectives within the implementation of HSE in their organisation and challenges related to themselves as rolemodels.

The programme is based on the following topics:
- HSE culture: Attitudes, behaviour, observation etc
- Accident causation: Human factors, lack of communication, procedures and priority.
- Behaviour and responsibility: Leadership, supervision, rolemodelling etc
- Tools for improvement: Deviation, analyses, investigation, reporting.
- Learning in organisations: Theories of learning
- Implementation and criteria for success

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