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Crisis Management Training for OIM

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    5 days

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    NOK 127,050.00

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Crisis Management Training for OIM


Course should be conducted so that the candidate can:
- Identify the characteristics of management in a crisis.
- See the difference and transition/Connection between:
1. Acute crisis management (how to see "the big Picture" and think proactively unde pressure).
2. Leadership of the emergency response group in minor incidents.
3. Normal management.

Target Group

Candidates for the position of OIM. .


Crisis Management Basic Course.


Continuous evaluation of one's own achievements in crisis management.

Course Contents

During the course the delegate will start a plan for their own development (in regards to crisis management under stress, their operative manager profile, role as team leader, and use of relevant strategies for crisis management).

Create awareness of the use of technical safety systems.

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