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TMS Light is FREE. Try it now to experience how it can simplify your safety training management, manage your compliance risk, and save you time and money.


Getting up and running with TMS Light is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Sign up below.
  2. Provide the details of the employees, positions, current training status and the training requirements you want us to manage.
  3. We’ll do the rest: procure, book, manage communication, register results and more.

TMS Light comes with 25 free seats. Extra seats can be added with a monthly fee by contacting our sales team.

Sign up for a TMS Light demo, today!

After you have signed up, you will be contacted by our support team who will help set up the platform for you so you can start using it right away.

Why TMS Light?

Are you looking to save money? We’ll give you the right set up to keep costs to a minimum. Not only do we book training for you proactively, you'll also get access to special prices on training.

Do you need compliance peace of mind? TMS Light provides a great overview of the training and compliance for your employees so you focus on what you do best.

Are you looking to be more productive with your time? Get access to our tools to manage your certificates easily and automate tasks such as reminders, booking of training and reporting, to allow you to spend more time on top goals and priorities.  

Do you want to upskill your employees? Your employees can benefit from unlimited access to two of our market leading e-learning titles as part of the service. Of course you can take more courses as you want for an additional fee. We have over 100 courses in our library covering a variety of subject areas.

Are you looking for a trusted pair of hands to guide you? We’ve been in the training management game for over 30 years. Provide us with your requirements and get back a wealth of knowledge at your disposal.   

How the platform works

There are three parts to TMS Light which you will have access to:

  • A portal for employees.
  • A portal for employers.
  • The monthly automatic status reports.

Portal for employees

Each of your employees will get access to their own dedicated TMS Light dashboard that will show the compliance against their requirements.

Using one, simple overview, your employee can find the status of any of the required certifications or bookings, communicate with our TMS team and have access to our extensive library of e-learning courses.

Key features:

  • View compliance against your job requirements.
  • Access your training bookings and communicate with our staff for availability.
  • Access our e-learning library to develop your skills.

Portal for employer

Our employer dashboard let’s you see the status and progress of each of your employees at all times and allows for running the automated reports adhoc.

Key features:

  • View employees' compliance to your training requirements at any time.
  • Check outstanding booking requests.
  • Request training for employees yourself.
  • Predict training budget based on upcoming expiring certifications.
  • Analyse training expenditures.
  • Download (PDF) copies of certifications.

Monthly automatic status reports

The monthly KPI reports on the service performance will be automatically sent to you.

The latest compliance status report can be adjusted to your specific preferences, a simple high-level overview or very detailed, like the sample below.

Key features:

  • Complete team status overview.
  • Individual employee sales CV / status report.
  • Training expenditure and forecast report (last month, expected expenditure for the next two months).
  • And several others on request.

To get started with TMS Light, simply complete the sign up form at the top of this page.