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Assigning courses to employees

How do I assign a course to an employee?

After you added courses to the basket, you then have the possibility to assign these courses to the employees in need of training. On the right side of a course, you will see a yellow button “add employee”.

The “add employee” button will open a pop-up window, where you have the possibility to add all your employees or add only selected ones. To select an employee, search them up under their name, and then check the grey box to select them.

Once you chose all the employees you want to assign this course to, confirm with the grey “select” button on the top right of the window. Then, the button turns yellow and you can see an overview of the employees you selected for that course.

Now, finish by pressing “add” on the bottom right. Should you have forgotten an employee, you can simply repeat the process and add another employee to the course. Removing an assigned employee from a course is also possible on the same site.

Scroll down until you find the employee you plan on removing from a course, then click the three dots on the right and choose “remove place”. A pop-up will ask you if you are sure you want to remove this student from the course, and after pressing confirm you are all done.